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7/15/2012 01:05:47 pm

Good read

mrsviolet fola-alade
5/23/2015 03:36:55 am

sola darling,
i am going to be discharged on tue the 26th of May 2015
i am requesting you to come and take me home with you
as your wife.i could not phone you as i use to do because
the phone receiver has been removed. iphoned vmc to drop
a message for you to phone me back.sola i believe in you and i love
you and i cannot wait to be home with you. this message is urgent.
can you send our marriage document to me in the ward please this
is not to unnecessary put you under stress let me get the document
on monday the 25th of MAY.the document will show to them that you are mine and i am your that will put every argument to rest
from your wife vsfa

6/20/2015 10:39:13 pm

do you know you cannot hide the gem in your life? you made me who i am today. you are the best i struggle everyday without you around please come and take me home with you.we need to have a heart to heart talk. soladarling i am insisting you come and take me home quilkly.i believe in you and i love you no body can fill the void except you in my heart.what did you say about Assigment let me know about it remember our journey to America. whatever you do just know that i will always love you and will be waiting and praying for you.please reply so that my mind will be at rest that it is not the
wrong site.i want to be with you imiss you so much
from your wife[ mrsvsfa]

6/25/2015 03:35:06 am

how are you? i posted a letter to you this morning.
i need you so badly. do you really think i deserve this silence.?i know you love me because you have showed it beyound reasonable doubt. please come and take me from the hospital i am insisting.i have to go nowibelieve in you and i love so much
from your wife[mrsvsfa]

mrs violet adesolafolaalade
6/27/2015 03:02:36 am

i am not going to give up on you no matter what. i know there is something wrong somewhere maybe with the internet i am using or what is the problem.i believe in you and i have given time to make thing right please confidend in me i will always stand by you no matter what i am asking you to this competition and stop this bimbo
thing and come and take me home.i love so much and icannot
throw away every thing you and i have labored for all this year
[ mrsvsfa] please reply

6/28/2015 02:15:41 am

i have really proved you in a lot of ways in the past but your integrity
stands tall and beyound questions this is not to flatter you. you are a husband in deed in every way. that was why it took me so long to speak to you about pcr...i had to speak when ihad the release.i am really ready to submit you my body ache so badly for
you. i need tou so badly more than ever before.
there are some thing i need to talk heart to heart with you about which i cannot talk now.
i intend to go to stratford to get our marriage document tommrrow
by God gracei will go to royalmail as well please tell me how i can
get something from you[owo] i will have to do my hair as well.
soladarling i don't have a long time now i migth get a message to you tommorrow by God grace.
i believe so much in you and i love you so much come hastily and take me from here so that we can be togerther without interrupted.
from your one and only wife [mrsvsfa]

6/29/2015 04:09:54 am

how are you ?where do you go for service?i could not go out today
how was your day?soladarling i am not just sending messages for the sake of have made my life beautiful and i want to make you happy every day of your life because of this God actually told me he has blessed both of us
i intend to go out tommorrow for the reason as today.i believe in you
and i love you no matter what you do i will always love you.i want you to deal with me directly and reply to this message i am insisting
that you please reply.
love from your wife [ mrsvsfa ]

6/30/2015 03:35:29 am

how are you and your day? i do not want to be negative but i know
i will be at my best if we can be together again. if i have to live my life again i will still be married to you. you don't know it but you are a jewel.
i want to say that you are a migthy man of valour, anionted i believe
in you i love you and i am higtly honoured to be yours and you mine
there is a quality i have come to appreciate in you. you valve any
little thing i do for you it is the heart behind it that you appreciate. remember the first card i sent you how you were so happy.
how do you feed?that is why i should come home. please come and take me home with you soladarling.
i could not go out today because i felt that thursday will be a day
for me to have prepared myself before going out.i have phoned
royalmail today but i could not get through to who sent the pardel before i dropped. on thursday i will have to go to the court only
how is the buisiness ? remember our trip . i need to have a heart to heart talk with you. be assured nobody can take your place in my
heart.i saw dad book on the web i am proud of him[ remember whose son thou art]
i have got to go now look after yourself until we meet again. i will be praying for you and do the same for me. i love you and believe in you.your wife [mrs vsfa]


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